Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Garth Brooks!

Need I say anymore? Garth is coming to Kansas City for a 9-show special concert series. He will not tour anywhere else but Kansas City. The first show will be November 5th. Please plan your evenings carefully and include a designated driver or hired ground transportation if you plan to drink at the concert. Clique Limousine has great concert rates and we would love to transport your group to and from the event. Please call us at 913-538-5247 or visit us online at

Holiday Season Is near!

The holiday season is only a couple of months away and now is the time to plan. Clique Limousine offers one of the finest Christmas Light Tours in all of Kansas City. The tour is 2-hours in length and we tour the lights of Olathe and wind our way to the Plaza and on to Crown Center. Our cars can seat up to 14-passengers. Please visit us online at for more information on the tours.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Say No To Cheap Rates!

We at Clique Limousine want citizens of the metro Kansas City to remember that the cheapest price for limousine service is not always the best deal. All of us want to save money but is the lowest price really worth a lower quality experience? Is the lowest price worth jeopardizing your safety by scheduling an older limousine that is taped together by it's mechanic because it's owner cannot afford to properly fix it because his rates are so low?
Please seek out a reputable company and instead of looking for cheap prices seek value and quality. This is your event and you want it to be perfect and go off without a hitch.
For a high quality service with owners and chauffeurs that truely care about it's customers please call Clique Limousine at 913-538-5247 or visit us on the web at
Let Us Improve Your Lifestyle!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No Help In KC

Clique Limousine has begun to launch a new marketing campaign focused on safe driving and using designated drivers for your night outs. We want to encourage everyone to carefully plan their night outs. If you must drink please have a designated driver. When we started this marketing plan we attempted to reach out to partner with our local law enforcement agencies including the State Of Kansas because we thought who better to help us get the word out and who better to want to prevent accidents and DUI's. Clique Limousine was wrong! None of the police agencies were interested and we were ignored by most of the ones we tried to reach out to. Clique Limousine is doing it all alone and proud to do so. We encourage anyone who would like to help to please contact us through our website at

Friday, August 10, 2007

Back To School

It's that time of year when kids are heading back to school. College kids are moving away from home and are now exposed to the countless parties that are a major part of college life. Please take some time to talk to them and encourage them to think safe and be safe. Clique Limousine has an idea that we feel can be a great safeguard. Take a small white card(about the size of your drivers license) and write down some emergency numbers including a limousine/sedan company, taxi company, friends or relatives close by that your sons and daughters can call if they need a ride home and place this card in their wallet or purse. It's now always with them. By constantly encouraging your kids to drive safe and to use designated drivers when they go out we can keep them off the streets where they are safe. College is a time of fun and learning and not a place for mourning.
Should you need a designated driver please call Clique Limousine or visit us online at

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let Clique Limousine Improve Your Lifestyle!

It's a proven fact. A limousine from Kansas City's Clique Limousine will improve your lifestyle. Our company is unique in that we offer several packages that are exclusive to only our company. Our wedding vow renewal packages are one-of-a-kind. For a fraction of the cost of a wedding you can have a chapel, clergy, romantic dinner, champagne toast, and a luxury limousine. Flowers can be added at a reasonable cost. What man alive would not want to take advantage of this! Trust me guys, you renew that special ladies vows you won't be doing any more chores around the house for a long time.
Clique Limousine also is proud to offer exclusive wine tours through Somerset Ridge Winery in Paola. Romantic excursion or just a nice relaxed trip away from home.
As always we want everyone to have fun but plan your events to include a designated driver if you must drink. Life is too precious to not plan ahead.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

DUI Statistics

Sad facts...1 American life is lost every 20 minutes in alcohol related car crashes. They could have all been prevented by careful planning, use of designated drivers, the small expense of a limousine or taxi. We get so caught up in the idea of having fun and drinking the night away that we forget to plan. Life is way too precious to not plan.
Our young people between 16-24 years of age account for only 20% of the licensed population yet they cause 42% of all fatal alcohol-related crashes. We are not spending enough time educating our young people on the dangers of drinking and driving. Please take some extra moments to talk to your kids, show them some educational/statistical websites, show them DUI crash photos. Make a small card up for them with numbers to local cab companies, limousine services, and emergency contacts that they can carry in their wallets or purses.
Lets all work together to get drunk drivers off the streets. Please visit our website at and keep coming back to view new posts on our blog.